What Is About Ozone Filter

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Author : Ozone filter blue cat
Update time : 2021-07-10 11:38:11
Ozone Filter is the air filter that removal ozone. The Materail Of Ozone filter: Aluminum honeycomb, Ceramic honeycomb, Anti-oxidation polyurethane cotton (sponge)  and so on. Working Principle:When ozone contact with the catalyst, it could instantly be converted into oxygen. The method be High removal efficiency and popular at the monment.

Application for ozone filter:
1. Copiers, laser printers, UV curing machines, various air purifiers, etc;
2. Ozone exhaust gas in the wastewater treatment ;
3. Medical equipment sterilization and disinfection, ozone pollution purification after elimination of peculiar smells in public places;
4. Treatment of secondary ozone pollution by photolysis, plasma, ozone generator, high-voltage static electricity and other equipment.

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