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Welcome to the 25th guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition

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Author : Trustifiltor
Update time : 2018-11-15 16:02:30
Guangzhou Trusty Filter co., LTD is an export-oriented high-tech enterprise and focusing on researching, developing, producing and selling products such as grease removal filter,ozone removal filter,actived carbon filter and filter equipment. 

At present, its products have been widely used in commercial kitchen,office equipment and other fields,mainly sold to North America, Western Europe and other regions.Recently, Trustifiltor will attend the exhibition in guangzhou, and warmly welcome visitors to the site.

Time: Dec.16-18 2018
Booth: 11.3: 586,587
Address: China import and export fair pavilion(Canton fair pavilion)

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Company Profile
Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd. Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd.
Nov .21.2018
Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd is a branch of Guangzhou Trusty Filter Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Trusty Filters CO., LTD Guangzhou Trusty Filters CO., LTD
Oct .11.2018
Guangzhou trusty filters equipment co., LTD., founded on December 28, 2010,
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