What are the dangers of ozone to human body?

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Ozone (O3) is a strong oxidizing catalyst, a light blue gas with a fishy smell, which is heavier than air and will decompose into oxygen in certain temperature as time goes on.
When the human inhales ozone, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract will be stimulated and hurt. The extent of injury depends on the inspired concentration and the respiratory time . Ozone is always existing in our environment, usually at a concentration of about 0.015 PPM, we can not feel it. At concentrations up to 0.02 PPM, sensitive people can smell it.

The United States UL867 safety standard for ozone is ≤0.05PPM, and the European Union standard and Chinese standard be built based on the United States standard.  UL867 means the 24 hours cumulative concentration of ozone, which is created by ozone generate,  can not exceed 0.05PPM, in laboratory conditions (temperature 25°C, humidity 50%).

The direct harm of ozone to human body will cause explicit harm to human respiratory system, cause eye irritation, cause respiratory diseases, and even asthma.
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