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Zhongshan Trusty Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010, located in Zhong shan city, Guangdong province. It is the production base of  Guangzhou trusty filters co., Ltd.  The products include Ozone filter, Formaldehyde VOC filter, Grease filter, Odor filter etc. Our filters are widely applied to printing&copying equipment, air purifier, medical equipment, commercial kitchen, ventilation&environmental projects etc. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate, products have SGS, RoHS, UL certificate.

Trusty has hired senior professors as technical consultants, promotes actively cooperation of Production & Research, keeps on promoting inovation of products and technology. Our company has our own intellectual property of < Technology of production technic of aluminum honeycomb>,<Highly efficient coating technic of aluminum honeycomb filter> which make Trusty the leader in filter’s industry.Quality as the core, Base on customer. Trusty looks forward to move forward for environmental industry together with you!

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