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Guangzhou Trusty Filters CO., LTD

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     Guangzhou trusty filters equipment co., LTD., founded on December 28, 2010, covers household ventilation and electrical appliance manufacturing;Manufacturing of other household electric appliances;Special accessories for household electric appliance manufacturing;Made of household air conditioner;Manufacturing of special printing equipment;Metal kitchen utensils manufacturing;Household kitchen appliances manufacturing;Manufacture of rubber parts;Wholesale of metal products;Wholesale of household electrical appliances;Wholesale of environmental protection equipment;General machinery equipment sales;Kitchen equipment and kitchen supplies wholesale;Plastic parts manufacturing;Wholesale of rubber products;Import and export of goods (except exclusively controlled goods);Manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection;Sales of electrical equipment;Engineering technical consultation service;Wholesale of plastic products;Machine parts processing;And so on.

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Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd. Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd.
Nov .21.2018
Zhongshan Trusty Co.,Ltd is a branch of Guangzhou Trusty Filter Co.,Ltd.
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