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     Guangzhou trusty filters equipment co., LTD., founded on December 28, 2010, covers household ventilation and electrical appliance manufacturing;Manufacturing of other household electric appliances;Special accessories for household electric appliance manufacturing;Made of household air conditioner;Manufacturing of special printing equipment;Metal kitchen utensils manufacturing;Household kitchen appliances manufacturing;Manufacture of rubber parts;Wholesale of metal products;Wholesale of household electrical appliances;Wholesale of environmental protection equipment;General machinery equipment sales;Kitchen equipment and kitchen supplies wholesale;Plastic parts manufacturing;Wholesale of rubber products;Import and export of goods (except exclusively controlled goods);Manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection;Sales of electrical equipment;Engineering technical consultation service;Wholesale of plastic products;Machine parts processing;And so on.

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what is a safe ozone level what is a safe ozone level
Mar .15.2023
The US UL867 safety standard for ozone is ≤0.05PPM, and the EU standard is formulated with reference to the US standard. my country's standard GB simply says that UL867 means that under laboratory conditions (temperature 25°C, humidity 50%), the cumulative concentration produced by any ozone source cannot exceed 0.05PPM.
what is the catalyst for the decomposition of ozone to oxygen what is the catalyst for the decomposition of ozone to oxygen
Mar .07.2023
Ozone destruction catalyst usually be manganese oxide , rare earth, and so on.Among them, manganese oxide is the most widely used catalyst. It can oxidize harmful ozone into oxygen at room temperature.
Ozone safety testing for air purifiers Ozone safety testing for air purifiers
Dec .26.2022
At present, many air purifier manufacturers and testing institutions have not conducted ozone safety testing of air purifiers in accordance with the above-mentioned national mandatory standards.The percentage of ozone concentration should not exceed 5×10-6. (Note, no more than 0.05ppm. About 0.1mg/m3)
Health hazards of ozone pollution in the door Health hazards of ozone pollution in the door
Dec .26.2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought heightened attention to air quality indoor . People are thinking about how these invisible virus particles can spread indoors. However, the hazards of the indoor environment are not just the virus that causes the epidemic. According to WHO, air pollution is the world's greatest environmental health threat. Many people have always believed that ozone in the air is a double-edged sword. It has the side of sterilizing and inactivating viruses, but also has the side of endangering human health. Modern research suggests that ozone in indoor air has risen to be one of the most important pollutants.
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