Photocatalyst filter(aluminium honeycomb)

Brand Name:trustifiltor;
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland);
Dimension:Standard Size or customized;
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Product Introduction

Photocatalytic filter, using aluminum honeycomb as carrier, loaded with efficient photocatalyst, has the advantages of large specific surface area, high purification efficiency, it is the most cost-effective organic pollutant purification filter.


*Lower pressure drop, by regular and consistent hole shape;
*High specific surface area reach high ozone destruction efficiency.


Photocatalyst under the irradiation of light, some reaction would be produced similar to
photosynthesis of photocatalytic reaction, they could be very strong oxidation ability of hydroxyl free radical and the radical anion, and effectively decompose organic compounds, and damage the cell membrane of bacteria and virus protein. The conlusion of these reaction is the phtocatalyst decompose organic pollutants into water without pollution.



Copy machine/Laser printer/Medical apparatus and instruments and etc.


Air Purifier/ Fresh Air Machine/Health Air Conditioning/Medical Apparatus and Instruments and etc.

Manufacturing Standard

* TF's Standard
* ISO9001

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