Industrial Ozone Filter(sponge material)

Brand Name:Trustifiltor;
Efficiency:>90% for filter style 7050F under 1.0m/s and 4PPM concentration;
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland);
Dimension:Standard Size or customized;
After-sales service system:No overseas th

Product introduction

7050F is specially designed for industry usage considering havey concetration, bad air condition and lower cost expected. and the lower pressure drop is obtained through the filter with "W" shape design. Polyurethane sponge be pretreated by coating with anti-oxidation material, then manganese catalyst be coated completely.


●Low  pressure drop;
●High efficient ozone decomposition;
Lower cost comparing with others;



In the air system mixed with O3, the O3 be decomposed to O2 rapidly at the room temperature, while the ozone hits the filter surface coated with catalyst, the extra energy not be needed in whole action process.
Step1: O3 + M → M-O + O2
Step2: M-O + O3 → M + 2O2







Cleaning System for industrial waster gas  / industrial plasma purification equipment / the cleaning system for painting room and etc.

Manufacturing Standard

* TF's Standard
* ISO9001

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