Honeycomb Ceramic Ozone Removal Filter

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Product Introduction

The ceramic honeycomb ozone removal filters, with ceramic honeycomb as the carrier and high efficiency ozone decomposition catalyst loaded, has the advantages of porous thin wall, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion  resistance, convenient fitting etc., and can be widely used in various air purification systems, wastewater treatment,  ozone equipment secondary odor pollution control, disinfection & sterilization after eliminating and the pollution purification etc.


1. Ozone could be decomposed by catalyst filter at room temperature.
2. The lower pressure drop can be obtained due to simple filter construction.
3. When the filter working space is limited, filter efficiency increasing can be realized by changing the hole density of honeycomb filter.
4. The more cleaning air is in the working system, the more long filter life could be obtained.

Detailed Parameters


In the air system mixed with O3, the O3 be decomposed to O2 rapidly at the room temperature, while the ozone hits the filter surface coated with catalyst, the extra energy not be needed in whole action process.

Step1: O3 + M → M-O + O2
Step2: M-O + O3 → M + 2O2



Product Specification

Provide customized service


1. Copy Machine, Laser Printer, UV curing system, EPS Air purifier and etc.
2. Elimination of residual ozone in wastewater treatment.
3. To removal the extra ozone from Ultraviolet de-composition, Plasma, Ozone generator, High-volt-age equipment and etc.
4. To decompose the extra ozone while sterilizationof medical devices or ozone odor removal in public area.

Manufacturing Standard

* TF's Standard
* ISO9001

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