The functions and characteristics of Honeycomb ozone removal filter

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Update time : 2024-06-17 17:01:37
Honeycomb ozone removal filter is a filter in air purification equipment, usually made of aluminum honeycomb or other base materials, and loaded with metal catalysts, such as manganese oxide and rare earths. Its main function is to quickly decompose ozone in the air and convert it into oxygen, thereby achieving the effect of de-ozone.

The honeycomb ozone removal filter has the advantages of regular pores, small wind resistance, high specific surface area and high ozone decomposition efficiency. It is widely used in air purifiers, fresh air fans, ESP dust removal systems and other scenarios. In a ventilation system containing ozone, when ozone contacts the catalyst on the surface of the filter, a decomposition reaction will occur rapidly at room temperature, converting ozone into oxygen, thereby purifying the air.
The characteristics of honeycomb ozone removal filter as follows:

• Efficient decomposition: Using unique catalyst synthesis and high-temperature sintering technology, the ozone removal rate is as high as over 95%.
• Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: through catalytic ozone oxidation technology, ozone is directly oxidized into oxygen without secondary pollution.
• Stable performance: The catalyst has stable performance and long life, up to 2-3 years.
• Large contact area: Using aluminum honeycomb as the base material, it has a large contact area, smooth air flow, odorless and high removal performance.
• Customizable: can be made according to customer requirements, more user-friendly and diversified.
• Small wind resistance: It can effectively remove ozone while ensuring air circulation.

Ozone removal honeycomb filters produced by different manufacturers may have some differences. For specific performance and characteristics, please refer to the product manual or consult the relevant manufacturer.
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