Ozone Removal
Ozone Removal product ( ozone filter ), is made by high temperature heating treatment process with honeycomb coated by MNO Catalyst. Ozone would be transformed into oxygen for an instant, while the filter be impacted by ozone in air.
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What is the material of ozone filter

What is the material of the ozone decomposition filter? What's black on the screen, activated carbon or some other catalyst?
Regarding the material of the ozone filter,Classification by substrate:
Aluminum honeycomb, the activated carbon containing the catalyst, evenly coated on the surface of aluminum honeycomb;
polyurethane sponge (after antioxidant treatment); The activated carbon containing or catalyst is uniformly attached to the silk diameter of the sponge;
activated carbon (carbon block or cylindrical carbon) will be activated carbon block or particle loaded with catalyst, sintering at high temperature;
Ceramics, the special catalyst ceramics, after many times on the catalyst and high temperature sintering;
Non-woven fabrics, the activated carbon loaded with catalyst evenly coated on non-woven fabrics;
Besides,the black color on the screen is activated carbon loaded with catalyst.
In a word, the Principle:
In the air system mixed with O3, the O3 be decomposed to O2 rapidly at the room temperature, while the ozone hits the filter surface coated with catalyst, the extra energy not be needed in whole action process.
Step1: O3 + M → M-O + O2
Step2: M-O + O3 → M + 2O2

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