Industrial Activated Carbon Filter(sponge material)

Brand Name:trustifiltor;
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland);
Dimension:Standard Size or customized;
After-sales service system:Overseas third-party support available;

Product Introduction

Industrial activated carbon filter (sponge material), the main characteristics are carbon loading, pressure reduction, anti - crushing, easy to install.  Easily  meet customer demand for industrial waste gas purification.


● reasonable sponge thickness design, to ensure that the product has a small wind resistance;
● sponge with high specific surface area, effectively decompose waste gas;
● flame retardant formula, good safety;

● filter element can be replaced, easy to maintain, low cost;


Activated carbon has the advantages of developed pore structure and strong adsorption capacity.The large aperture aluminum honeycomb is equipped with activated carbon to ensure the high specific surface area of the filter, give full play to the advantages of activated carbon, and realize air purification.


Provide customized service.


Air Purifier/ Fresh air machine/commercial fresh air system and etc.

Manufacturing Standard

* TF's Standard
* ISO9001

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