Honeycomb Grease Filters(aluminum)

Brand Name:Trustifiltor;
Efficiency:Realizing the interception by 70%-85% of large oil particles and impurities;
Medium Material:6063 aluminum alloy;
After-sales service system: Overseas third-party support available;

Product introduction

The Honeycomb Grease Filter is made of 50mm aluminum foil with 50mm thickness ,Its external appearance can be in circular or square. With smooth and rotary air channel in the aluminum core, grease particulars in smoke can be easily caught by the inner surface of core when air streams go across. The excess grease can be drained through the corner drainage holes into the collection tank.


* The metal edge is the anti scratches design; 
* S-type calendering process to increase the contact area of oil fume and reduce the wind resistance;
* High oil removal efficiency, realizing the interception by 70%-85% of large oil particles and impurities;
* Fire resistance and effectively preventing fire from escaping into the flue;
* Strong structure, easy installation and disassembly, low maintenance cost;



The filter has an S-shaped channel.  When the oil fume air flows through the filter, the oil droplets collide with the channel wall in the channel and gather into larger oil droplets to remove the oil fume.



 Customized according to customer requirements.


·Commercial kitchens  ·Flame arresters
·Water mist separation  · Sand filtration
·Grease filtration

Manufacturing Standard

* TF's Standard
* ISO9001


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