Concentration test of ozone removal filter

Performance test of ozone removal filter

Efficiency: The removal efficiency of ozone decomposition filter is mainly determined by the area and duration of air contact with the surface of the filter

The size of the area and the wind resistance are relatively contradictory, so the base material of the filter should be set according to the specific operating conditions and the machine structure

.But under conditions, the ozone filter can remove ozone to zero.

The following is for reference 

1) the amount of ozone emitted by the air purifier within 24 hours without and without ozone filter

2) test chamber: 30 cubic meter sealing chamber

3) environmental temperature: 20 degrees Celsius environmental humidity: 50%

4) machine wind speed :1 height of detection port :120mm

5) test duration: 24 hours sample size: 384x353x12mm a=1.0

The numerical test

Test Result

Detection of ozone environment


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