Our Test Laboratory

About Our Test Laboratory


    Mainly conduct stability testing for new development samples and bulk production. The lab was established an appropriate and continuously improving laboratory quality management system in accordance with the standard required by Air Cleaner standard of China("related documents in below"). And constantly upgraded the equipment according to product characteristics to provide better technology supports.

Quality Guideline

To provide a objective, reliable and valid test data to customers.

Equipment Introduction

O3 Analyzer - T4000

O3 Analyzer - T4000

Formaldehyde Meter PPM-400 ST

Formaldehyde Meter PPM-400 ST

30m³ Testing room

30m³ testing room30m³ testing room

Ozone Testing machine

ozone removal testing equipment

Internal Test Reports 

UL867_Testing report(1)

Related Documents

GB18883-2002 National Standard of the People's Republic of China for Indoor Air Quality 

GBT 18801-2015 Air Cleaner

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