Ozone Removal
Ozone Removal product ( ozone filter ), is made by high temperature heating treatment process with honeycomb coated by MNO Catalyst. Ozone would be transformed into oxygen for an instant, while the filter be impacted by ozone in air.
By Lisa Wang | 21 February 2019 | 0 Comments

Aluminum Mesh pre Filter for Filtration Systems

The filtering surface of the metal Pre-Filter is wavy grain, which is to increase the filtering surface area and increase its dust capacity. The Pre-Filter is washable, which greatly reduces subsequent maintenance costs.

 Aluminum;304# stainless steel 
Specifications: Mesh 40 and 60
Max size 500x500mm
Common Thickness:7.5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm

1. High acid and alkali resistance
2. Washable
3. Low Initial resistance
4. Firm structure
5. Fire Prevent
6. Provide the solution according customer's request


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