Ozone Removal
Ozone Removal product ( ozone filter ), is made by high temperature heating treatment process with honeycomb coated by MNO Catalyst. Ozone would be transformed into oxygen for an instant, while the filter be impacted by ozone in air.
By Lisa Wang | 19 February 2019 | 0 Comments

Welcome to our company

Guangzhou Trusty Filters co., LTD. Is a professional research and development, production and sales of Ozone Decomposing Filter,VOC Removal Filter,Photocatalyst Filter,Activated carbon Filter,Pre Filter,Grease Removal Filter,Ceramic VOC Decomposing Filter,and other filtering equipment outward high-tech enterprises; At present, the first five filters are generally applicable to: air purifier,fresh air system,plasma catalytic device,printer copier,central air conditioning,dust filtration equipment terminal and medical equipment and other electrical equipment. Our products have been widely used in commercial kitchen,engineering equipment and hydropower equipment,mainly sold to North America,Western Europe and other areas.The Aluminum Honeycomb filter spraying technology developed by our company has further optimized the production process on the premise that the product quality is always in the leading position in the industry, greatly improved the production efficiency and made the company move towards the direction of automatic machine production.

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